Eviromental Policy

From its inception in 1995, the founders of Eurokey understood its reasonability built and maintain a high quality service, provided in an environmentally responsible manner, guided by our partners in the waste recycling business, taking their guidance and complying to the rules that govern our core business – Recycling.

In 2004, John Dhillon, the then and current Managing Director and mastermind behind Eurokey took the decision, with his team to prove that the company was not just committed to the Environmental impacts of our business, but would be compliant.

The decision involved a year of work to gain ISO 14001.

  • ISO 14001 was awarded to EuroKey in November 2005.

  • Since 2005, Eurokey have continued audits and in 2016 will have a full audit, to ensure we are keeping our commitment to ISO 14001 with management systems that continue to ensure we meet and comply with ISO 14001.

Eurokey understand that the ultimate responsibility for the company's environmental performance lies with the Managing Director however:

  • Every Managing Director needs a strong support team around him.

  • The day-to-day implementation of the policy has to be understood by the team at Eurokey, so they can participate in its delivery.

EuroKey engage the services of a consultant to guide and ensure we are meeting the requirements.

  • The consultant works with our internal Environmental team, ensuring that

  • Communication channels are kept open with our local Environmental agency and the environmental team are engaged in our operations.


  • Continue to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and ensure that our team understand the legislation by providing continuous training and updates on changes and developments, using Government guidelines and continues consultation from outside consultants;

  • Continue to achieve the highest level of environmental standards, reviewing the best practice guidelines to continually improve performance and achieve our internal objectives and targets by reviewing our internal management systems;

  • Ensure we have internal resources to achieve and maintain an Environmental Management System, certified to ISO 14001. .

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